Placeholder ImageFoodandolives is my daily affair with food. The very first day I walked into this world I knew this is my never ending romance and every single time I cook I fall in love a little more. It’s not about the fancy spices we use, the expensive oils  we buy or the posh restaurants we go on a special occasion. For me small things like simple cooking, conversations over the dinner table, or a post dinner walk makes my day perfect. So a big shout out to good food and healthy living.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Looks delicious!!


  2. Your statement about conversations over the dinner table reminded me of when my sons were little (3 & 4). The rule in our home was that we had dinner music and polite conversation. I didn’t think it made an impression until someone asked them if we had a television in the dining room. They were shocked! And, from the mouths of babes, they stated, “We have dinner music and polite conversation!”

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    1. That’s so innocent and cute. We don’t have television in our dining room as well. Instead we have a blackboard where I pin down the thought for the day. I like things being simple. Infact dinner is one time where we end up talking for hours.

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